Hi you! Thanks for visiting my hideaway
Me being born in a creative family with my mom being an artist and my dad being an architect and the rest of the bunch being creative etc. Yeah, you get it, puts pressure on me who couldn’t draw human proportions when I was 3. I had to find my own thing. 
My parents put me in a music school where I stayed thinking I would become a cellist for 15 years (!). It taught me discipline, hard work pays off and commitment. In high school,   I started thinking that this wasn’t for me. When I came across this profession it all clicked. This was exactly what I was born to do, how joyful. 
I studied Advertising and Graphic design at Forsbergs School for 2 years, curious about where the world would take me. Being strong in film, animation and 3D modeling/ animation I am more of a hybrid. A musical digital Art director.
Big bold design and crazy ideas is my tune.                                                                I'm mostly hanging out with my cat.
Please feel free to ask me anything
info@corneliabatalow.com ​​​​​​​